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Define Your Terms – PDU, rPDU, RPP

Know and Define Your Terms – PDU, rPDU, RPP In the electrical engineering world, there are different terms that we use. We have already discussed busways and distinguishing between the different busway terms. In continuing with defining terms, we break down the difference between a PDU, an RPP, and an rPDU. Depending on the industry … Continued

ARC Flash vs ARC Blast

About ARC Flashes and ARC Blasts ARC Flash and ARC Blast are two of the most common types of electrical accidents. ARC Flash is when there is an electric arc flash, which is a very bright light that is caused by a spark. ARC Blast is when the air around an object explodes because of … Continued

Power Peak Demands And Valleys

Electricity Supply Regulation: How to Manage Power Peak Demands and Valleys As a power consumer, you have an opportunity to determine how much electricity you are charged for. This information might come as a surprise to many users who do not understand the concepts of demand peaks and valleys. When utilized properly, these two concepts … Continued