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Define Your Terms – PDU, rPDU, RPP

Know and Define Your Terms – PDU, rPDU, RPP

In the electrical engineering world, there are different terms that we use. We have already discussed busways and distinguishing between the different busway terms. In continuing with defining terms, we break down the difference between a PDU, an RPP, and an rPDU.

Depending on the industry or department you work in, these terms can mean different things to different people. It is always a good idea to familiarize yourself with these terms and be able to clearly state your need when searching for the right product for your project.

Defining The Various Terms:

Power Distribution Units (PDU):

PDU is an acronym for Power Distribution Units. These are typically large, floor-mounted devices that distribute power to computers and networking equipment. It controls power and distributes it to different servers or equipment in a data center. It contains a transformer, some output distribution, and associated monitoring. It also has electrical components that ensure that each outlet gets equal voltage.

The PDU (also called Main Distribution Unit) forms a bridge between the primary source of power in a building and the networking equipment.

If you’re wondering what a PDU looks like, it is a large power strip with multiple outlets that enable power distribution. Note that it doesn’t generate its power but derives it from devices such as a generator, UPS, or networking hardware.

Remote Power Panel (RPP):

A remote power panel, or RPP, is a power distribution unit (PDU) that provides power to equipment in an enclosure. An RPP typically has more outlets than a standard PDU and is designed for use in data centers or other installations where the equipment is located some distance from the power source.

An RPP may include features such as circuit breakers, overcurrent protection, voltage monitoring, and temperature sensing. It can be used to provide power to rack-mounted servers, networking hardware, or other devices. Some models also include built-in surge suppression to protect against electrical spikes and surges.

Rack-Mounted Power Distribution Unit (rPDU):

A rack-mounted power distribution unit (rPDU) is a special type of PDU that is designed to be mounted in a server rack. This type of PDU typically has more features than your standard PDU, such as the ability to monitor power usage and report it back to a central management system.

This information can help you keep track of how much power each device in your rack is using and help you plan for future upgrades. It’s always important to know how much power your devices are drawing, so you don’t overload the circuit breaker or UPS!

No matter which type of PDU you choose, it is important to ensure that you get a quality product. There are many different manufacturers out there, and not all of them produce high-quality products. When shopping for a PDU, make sure to read the reviews and compare the specs.

Explainer Video By Davis:

Define Your Terms Episode 002 – PDU, rPDU, RPP

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