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Our Manufacturers

How we choose our partners.

How is it that we establish which manufacturers that we are going to work with in this market? To begin, we only work with manufacturers that we believe in. The integrity, reliability, and reputation of our manufacturers matter to us. With many years of industry experience, we have the knowledge to choose partners that combine cutting edge technology and outstanding products. As vendor capabilities shift, so does the Davis offering. When you consider manufacturers like Starline and Polargy, rest assured that they already have a footprint in this area and a great track record. 

Let Davis do the work.

When it comes to good price, great quality, and great service, you don’t have to pick two of the three with our manufacturers. Janitza and autoLOTO are lesser known partners that we believe in. We have taken the time to meet the owners, see their product, and test it first-hand. At Davis, we are only going to bring to our customers products we believe in ourselves. Our team is available to discuss your specific needs and make recommendations ,from a wide range of suppliers, that best align with your goals. 

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Davis Infrastructure is proud to represent superior manufacturers and products, and to conceptualize revolutionary electrical power distribution system for data centers and mission-critical applications, retail, higher education market, industries, and any facility where power is needed.

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