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The Snake Tray and Infrastructure


The ever-growing global population and a sporadic development in science and technology indicate that worldwide energy consumption will continue to surge. The adverse effects on the green environment should not come as a surprise and a dire need for effective renewable energy systems cannot be overstated.

Snake Tray on the Green Mission

Snake Tray envisioned the importance of striking a balance between safeguarding the global environment and meeting human’s insatiable desires for energy. Snake Tray entered the solar energy scene at a time when the world needed a player to facilitate solar energy and provide alternative energy methods that are environment-friendly. 

This contributed to a growth in the United States’ solar energy system from 0.34 GW in 2008 to an estimated 97.2 GW in 2021. Therefore, it suffices to state that Snake Tray did not jump on the green energy bandwagon, but it contributed to its immense growth.   

The Middle Ground

Since its establishment, Snake Tray has been committed to manufacturing cable trays and innovating its cable management and power distribution systems that provide its customers with cheap alternative energy solutions which reduce construction costs. For instance, the company’s products like Snake Tray, Mega Snake, and Snake Canyon cable management are designed with in-built mounting systems and do not need field fabrications. This will ensure easy onsite material handling and reduced shipping costs.       

Furthermore, Snake Tray has provided an eco-friendly energy structure since its establishment in 1996. As a company at the forefront of solar energy advocacy, Snake Tray ensures that its power distribution systems are eco-friendly through activities that include: 

  • Reduction in copper resource consumption
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Making use of recycled materials for production, and
  • Eliminating all material wastes. 

Also, Snake Tray is an active member of the United States Green Building Council. This membership reveals that Snake Tray is committed to ensuring that their clients’ projects are satisfactorily designed while keeping an eye on the environment’s sustainability. 

Snake Tray’s Products And Services

Snake Tray offers innovative cable management products and renders expert services that suit clients’ demands in a broad range of industries. Snake Tray provides services for data centers, solar installations, enclosures, Power distribution, cable management.

Snake Tray’s products include Mega Snake, Aluminium Cable Tray, Snake Canyon, Cable Runway, Snake Race Ways, and Snake Tray, the world’s only hand-bendable cable tray.

Snake Tray: Solving Energy Problems

 Although showing great prominence, solar energy has not reached its full potential as a clean energy source for the United State and its neighboring countries.  This indicates that significant work needs to be done for the deployment of solar technologies. Snake Tray is therefore committed to ensuring that its products reach every house, company, and fit into all building designs. 

The green company continues to show that its products will aid in compliance with energy-saving mandates and fit with current global technology trends. At Snake Tray, safeguarding the environment is a top priority which is why the objectives of manufacturing energy-saving products and using natural resources will always remain. 

In all, Snake Tray will always assist its clients in meeting the compliance standards for an effective-energy building design. According to statistics from the U.S Solar Energy Technology Office, over 3% of U.S electricity comes from solar energy, and more than one in seven U.S homes will have a rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) system by 2030, Snake Tray is committed to achieving these significant feats for the U.S solar energy sector.

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At Davis Instructure, we represent superior manufacturers and products such as Snake Tray Cable Management, Conveyance & Distribution. Snake Tray’s unique mix of innovative cable management products and services are expertly tailored to the needs of clients in a broad range of industries. We service clients who oversee data centers, manufacturing facilities, public institutions, government facilities, and beyond.