Year End Manufacturer Alignment Update
published December 31, 2019

While this news is not exactly “positive”, it is nevertheless a development in the lifecycle of our company. We feel it incumbent on us to share even these types of developments with our followers.

In every new startup and new team formation, there is a period of adjustment. Some members thrive, and others are recognized as perhaps not being the best fit. While Davis Infrastructure is proud to have had the opportunity to work together on new technologies and sales efforts, the end of 2019 found us parting ways with both ATOM Power and BTU Research. As it happens, the Davis Infrastructure team was not able to effectively integrate these products effectively into our broader industry approach and sales strategies, and parting ways seemed to be the best fit for all involved. Both ATOM Power and BTU Research are top-notch companies with top-notch teams and we wish them tremendous success in their respective fields.

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