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The Power of Expertise

We specialize in mission-critical power quality and distribution so you can specialize in “mission accomplished”


Turning Products into Solutions

mission-critical infrastructure takes a high degree of collaboration and coordination. Davis Infrastructure’s experience is the “mortar” that brings owners, integrators, engineers and manufacturers together to get reliable solutions in place: fast, easy and right.

Buy Superior Infrastructure Products Faster

Working with Davis Infrastructure shortens the time it takes to get excellent solutions up and running. We’ve already vetted a superior product line for each of six mission-critical power applications. We do all the work to determine if it is the right product for you—and how to get it installed ASAP.

Manufacturers We Represent

Your Power Infrastructure

The majority of DATA CENTERS OVERSIZE their power infrastructure, raising overhead without raising value for tenants.

Long Term Efficiencies

The higher-price transformer we sold to a GOVERNMENT customer was not only more reliable than the less expensive option, it was faster to install and lasted longer, saving upfront labor costs and long-term replacement costs.