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The Power
of Davis

We design, sell and implement mission critical flexible power distribution equipment and services.


Account for the customer. The little things matter. Be attentive in those and the big things will follow. Be timely & accurate. Offer a complete scope. Listen for and remember personal details.

Account for yourself. Figure it out, personal responsibility, proactive.

Account for each other. Encouraging, no ego, we all win or lose together. We can’t rock the boat while rowing the boat.

Move Forward. Be coachable individually and as a team, accepting input from others, and finding ways to improve our systems holistically.

Why Are We Here?

We are here to glorify God and Jesus Christ by providing a legacy for our team members and their families and giving back to others with our time, talent, and treasures locally, regionally, and globally. 

Stronger Solutions

Infrastructure end users, manufacturers, contractors and engineers are the building blocks of mission-critical power. Davis Infrastructure is the mortar between them, strengthening the structural and operational integrity of each customer’s unique solution.

Manufacturers We Represent: