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StarLine Track Busway & Plug-in Raceway

StarLine Track Busway is the revolutionary electrical power distribution system for data center and mission critical applications, retail, industrial, and higher education markets – or for any facility where power is needed.

It is the simple, versatile, fast and economical solution for supplying power to electrical loads and is unique because the busway can be tapped instantly at any location – without losing any uptime!

  • 40A – 1200A Systems
  • Thousands of receptacle/connector/breaker/use combinations
  • AC and DC systems available
  • Bus and Branch Circuit Monitoring options
  • Custom Site Services and Maintenance Agreements
StarLine Website
Mitsubishi Electric UPS

The new 9900D 1200kVA-2000kVA provides up to 2000kW of output power to support loads for mission critical applications. It features the latest in Mitsubishi Electric IGBT technology and high-speed control to provide a 97% efficient online double conversion UPS that supports the demanding loads of today’s hyper-scale data centers.

Modular expandability reduces stranded capacity in your power infrastructure by right sizing your UPS for the current critical load. The 9900D offers an N+1 redundancy configuration, increasing your availability and lowering your potential for unplanned down time.

  • Full Online Double-Conversion Topologies in Single Phase and Three Phase
  • Native 208VAC & 480VAC
  • “Right-Sized” & Modular/Expandable Systems
  • Standalone & Parallel Systems from 6kVA – 4MVA+
  • Silicon Carbide Power Electronics
  • Maintenance Bypass, Monitoring/Communications
  • VRLA, Lithium Ion, and Flywheel Backup
  • Skid-Mount & Containerized Assemblies
  • Custom Site Services and Maintenance Agreements
Mitsubishi Electric Website
Powersmiths XFMR/PDU/RPP

Powersmiths transformers are wound in-house, thus opening up tremendous possibilities for multiple-taps, custom impedance, and voltage configurations. Their energy efficient XFMRs exceed DOE2016 efficiencies by up to 40% and can be integrated into PDU designs.

The capabilities of rotatable IR ports and Energy Station TX packaged XFMR/BKR combinations truly set Powersmiths apart from the competition.

  • LV XFMR 15kVA – 1350kVA
  • Packaged XFMR systems with integrated input/output breaker
  • Power monitoring with waveform capture
  • Right-sized XFMR loading characteristics
  • Rotatable IR scan port
  • Safe-maintainable PDU allows for adding circuits while supplying load
  • E-Saver equipment contributes to LEED and NetZero goals
Powersmiths Website
Snake Tray Cable Management, Conveyance & Distribution

Snake Tray’s unique mix of innovative cable management products and services are expertly tailored to the needs of clients in a broad range of industries. We service clients who oversee data centers, solar installations, rail and transit projects, large-scale manufacturing facilities, public institutions, government facilities and beyond.

With hundreds of projects completed on time and on budget, Snake Tray is in a unique position to innovate and design groundbreaking cable management and power distribution solutions. We look forward to working with you on your upcoming cable management and power distribution project!

  • Overhead and underfloor wire basket
  • Aluminum & Steel Ladder Rack
  • Underfloor/open-office power distribution
  • Hand-bendable tray reduces installation time & cost
  • Wall-mount, ceiling-mount, and in-floor enclosures
  • Applications for Data Center, Rail, Solar, Office, etc.
Snake Tray Website
Polargy Aisle Containment & Structured Ceiling

Polargy designs and manufactures airflow and room partitions including aisle containment, structural ceilings, modular walls and independent floor structures.

These solutions have been engineered to achieve simplicity, low cost and quick field installation. Founded in 2008, Polargy has been designing, manufacturing and installing complete turnkey data center airflow and room solutions for over a decade.

PolarPlex Containment

  • Hot Aisle or Cold Aisle Containment
  • Suspended Panel Systems
  • Swing or Sliding Doors
  • Rack Top Baffles
  • Flat-Pack panel system can be quickly field-fit, saving time for deployment

PICS Structural Ceiling Grid System

  • 38lb/sqft and 400lb point load rating
  • 2’x4’ panels supported at 4’x6’ intervals, providing 33% savings over traditional 4’x4’ interstitial drop-rod systems
Polargy Website
Janitza Metering & Monitoring

Janitza Electronics® offers you a complete range of power monitoring units with the corresponding accessories. These equipments and power analysers help you gain a comprehensive overview of your energy supplies and introduce the correct measures.

The power quality is also monitored according to the general valid standards (e.g. EN50160).

  • Full line of Metering & Monitoring Components & Software
  • Waveform Capture & Trend Analysis
  • Modular system
  • Fully customizable plugins and reporting parameters
  • Increase safety, lower risks, & increase energy efficiency
Janitza Website

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