Company Overview

Davis Infrastructure is a traditional manufacturer’s representative firm focusing on mission-critical engineers, contractors, and end users in Virginia, DC, and Maryland.

Davis Infrastructure only partners with industry respected vendors to ensure our customers always receive the highest quality equipment at the best price point.

Core Values

Davis Infrastructure gives a nod to its history by adopting these core values from the US Navy’s Nuclear Power Program. Our intention is to abide by these values in every customer engagement and earn trust along the way. In today’s age where a person’s word means less and less, we still believe core values are essential.


Knowledge of our manufacturer’s products, our customer’s needs, and industry best-practices to bring the two together in the most efficient and complete manner.


Integrity in every dealing professionally and personally regardless of potential for gain or loss.


Excellence in our presentation and workmanship 100% of the time.

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Our Team

Our company is nothing without an ethos of teamwork. These are the people who “make it happen”:

Terry James Davis
Founder & CEO, Team Lead
  • Industry veteran since 2001
  • Navy Nuclear Electrician
  • North Carolina native
  • Liberty University graduate
  • Values integrity over making a sale every time
  • Favorite Army Man: Commander

Andrew Murray
Inside Sales Engineer
  • Retail management veteran
  • Marketing major
  • Virginia native
  • Liberty University graduate
  • Passionate about customer service and follow-through
  • Favorite Army Man: Bazooka
Sam Kang
Senior Solutions Engineer
  • Industry veteran since 2011
  • Electrical Engineering Major
  • Virginia native
  • VMI graduate
  • Eye for detail, accuracy, and system integration
  • Favorite Army Man: Radioman
Rebekah Ehrich
Administrative Assistant
  • Florida native
  • Customer service extraordinaire
  • Favorite Army Man: Rifleman - Kneeling
Michelle Danzig
Account Manager
  • Sales professional for 15 years
  • Virginia native
  • Favorite Army Man: Minesweeper