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The Power
of Core Values

We are a collective of collaborative, thorough, accountable, and curious industry experts, ready to back your project every step of the way.


Our Faith Informs Our Business Operations

At Davis Infrastructure, our faith is a foundational aspect of who we are as a company. We believe that our values of integrity, respect, and excellence are rooted in our Christian faith, and that these values guide our business operations in every way.

We believe that by conducting our business operations in alignment with our faith, we are better able to serve our clients and our community.


We promote an environment of encouragement, humility, and unity, and hold ourselves accountable to each other. Our success as a team relies on collaborative efforts and a no-ego approach to decision-making. We are committed to facing challenges together as a cohesive unit.


We value our customers and believe that attention to detail is key to building strong relationships. We provide timely and accurate service with a comprehensive scope of work, while also listening to and remembering personal details. By consistently delivering exceptional service and prioritizing our customers’ needs, we aim to build long-lasting relationships based on trust and satisfaction.


We value personal responsibility and encourage a proactive approach. Our culture fosters self-accountability, empowering team members to find solutions and take ownership of their work. By embracing these values, we believe every team member plays a critical role in achieving our goals and exceeding expectations.


We foster a culture of growth and progress, embracing feedback and continuous learning as individuals and as a team. We strive for the holistic advancement of our systems and processes.

Account for the customer. The little things matter. Be attentive in those and the big things will follow. Be timely & accurate. Offer a complete scope. Listen for and remember personal details.

Account for yourself. Figure it out, personal responsibility, proactive.

Account for each other. Encouraging, no ego, we all win or lose together. We can’t rock the boat while rowing the boat.

Move Forward. Be coachable individually and as a team, accepting input from others, and finding ways to improve our systems holistically.