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The Power to Build Stronger Solutions

We represent superior manufacturers and product lines. Most important: we represent your interests.

Knowledge, Integrity, Excellence

Davis Infrastructure is an independent sales team

Representing specific power quality and distribution products from Class A manufacturers we believe are superior for 6 mission-critical applications.

Being Just a Sales Team could be Catastrophic in Our Markets. That’s why We Specialize in Mission-critical Infrastructure.

We strengthen the design and procurement process

We’re the “mortar” between infrastructure end users, manufacturers, contractors and engineers. Our specialized expertise cements everyone’s expertise into solutions with strong structural and operational integrity. If a product we represent isn’t best for you, we say so.

Reliable, right-sized and easy

Davis Infrastructure streamlines the entire process, from product specs and prompt, accurate quotes, to managing the project through installation and anything that arises afterward.  That’s how we give you more power to meet—and surpass—mission-critical commitments.

Adding value, not cost

You buy direct from the manufacturer at the factory price. What you don’t pay for is the end-to-end support we provide to get you superior solutions in place more quickly and cost-effectively.

Trust Davis to do everything we say we will

We want our word to mean something. So 100% of the time we commit to living out the core values of another mission-critical environment where there’s no margin for error.

Knowledge of our manufacturer’s products, our customer’s needs, and industry best-practices to bring the two together in the most efficient and complete manner.

Integrity in every dealing professionally and personally regardless of potential for gain or loss.

Excellence in our presentation and workmanship 100% of the time.