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The Power of Army Men

The toys that we carry say a lot about who we are.  


Little plastic Army Men have been part of the military lore since the 1930s. They’re in the National Toy Hall of Fame. And now, they’re part of Davis Infrastructure.

Principal Terry James Davis served as a Navy Nuclear Electrician. Crew members passed the long hours by hiding Army Men throughout the ship—and by discovering and repositioning figures others had placed. Navy tradition held that Army Men moved when you weren’t looking. Their mission? Fighting gremlins to keep the ship’s equipment running smoothly. 

Commander, Bazooka, Radioman … all of us at Davis Infrastructure have our favorite Army Man. As we leave each clients’ site, we choose one to stay behind and fight the gremlins. Our clients’ “crews” continue to hide, discover and reposition those Army Men—and the tradition lives on!

Found one of our Army Men? Send us your Army Men pictures.