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Davis 101: Biggest Frustration

We’re going to go ahead and blame COVID-19. Seriously, though, the biggest frustration has been with supply chain issues. Certainly, everyone inside and outside of our industry has heard about those.

The owner of Davis Infrastructure, Terry Davis, has been telling a story that goes along with that. That is “turtles all the way down.” There is this ancient myth that the Earth rests on the back of a giant turtle. Youngsters would ask the wise ones “well, what is the turtle standing on” and the answer would be that the turtle is standing on a turtle too. There are turtles all the way down. We have customers who are frustrated that we are unable to deliver, but we are part of the supply chain. Therefore, the fact is that there is something upstream from us that couldn’t be delivered and something upstream from them that couldn’t be delivered, and so on. Basically, it is turtles all the way down. There are going to be problems all along the way that make us feel like we aren’t doing our job. However, we also find that with a lot of customers there is an opportunity there.

We haven’t been able to deliver, or even meet some of our clients in person due to COVID-19, but what we can deliver is accurate info as timely as we can. Despite the constraints, we place fast and accurate communication with our customers first. 

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