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Davis 101: Core Values Rooted in US Navy Experience

Derived from Experience.

Small business and core values. These are two aspects that represent Davis Infrastructure. Our core values are knowledge, integrity, and excellence. Where did we get these core values from? Well, they came from the US Navy. You know the joke “how do you know someone was a Navy Nuke?” They are going to tell you. Terry Davis, owner of Davis Infrastructure, was a Navy Nuke. So, coming through nuclear power school, those core values were instilled within him. Because of that, we strive to maintain them. When we bring on a new team member we look for things like honesty, ownership, and attention to detail. Those are things that we have to bring to every customer engagement. Having the right people makes a big difference. When we have the right synergy a team works well together and encourages each other. That is where the magic really happens. 

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