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Davis 101: Your Mission-Critical Power Quality & Distribution Specialist

Subject Matter Experts.

Davis Infrastructure is a mission-critical power quality and distribution specialist. We’re the “mortar” between infrastructure end users, manufacturers, contractors and engineers. We are a manufacturer’s representative serving Northern VA, Washington DC, and Maryland. You may be wondering “what is a manufacturer’s representative?” Despite the common misconception, we aren’t contractors, engineers, resellers, part of an operations team, distributors, or end-users. Instead, we are subject matter experts. 

Holding it all together.

Picture it like this: The different teams mentioned above, such as engineers, contractors, etc., are like a bunch of bricks, all working together to build something. The mortar in-between these different teams is Davis. Simply, we hold the project together. 

Ultimately we are a resource for our clients. For contractors and engineers, we provide field familiarity, installation oversight, tips and tricks, budgetary Information, and lead time information so that they can deliver a great product to their customers. We work with end users, giving good and actionable information for their designs. We work with operations teams for warranty claims and best practices moving forward. In addition, we also work with distributors who package multiple different product lines. Lastly, we also provide feedback from the operations team back to the engineers and/or the purchasing agents, ensuring our brick wall can be the absolute best it can be. That is how Davis Infrastructure fits in.

Visit our YouTube Channel to watch Terry James Davis talk even more about who we are, and what we do!

Davis Infrastructure is proud to represent superior manufacturers and products, and to conceptualize revolutionary electrical power distribution system for data centers and mission-critical applications, retail, higher education market, industries, and any facility where power is needed.

Contact us today and allow us to guide you towards greater efficiency and improved power solutions. Email or call +1 (703) 995-9895.