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Davis 101: The Story Behind Army Men and Stress Relief

Let’s talk about toys. You know, like little green army men or in some cases, tan ones. So, what is the story with the army men and why do we walk around with them in our pockets? Well, that goes back to Owner of Davis Infrastructure, Terry’s, Navy experience.

When Terry was in the military he and the other Navy Nuke’s would take army men and super glue them all around the reactor plant. It was for a couple of reason. First off, it was a way to pass the time on, let’s face it, boring watches. Also, there is a little bit of mythology behind it in that they will fight the gremlins when you are not looking. They are good luck, they will keep equipment running, and they will watch out for you. They always got your back. They are always there.

When Terry got out of the Navy, he started carrying these army men around but lost the super glue because folks don’t really take kindly to that. He would hide them in people’s houses, in offices, or on job sites. Some may have even mysteriously found a tiny green army man left in their pocket. It is a way to have a little bit of joy in an otherwise tense environment. It is a way to share some love, share some laugher, and honestly to be memorable. However, it mostly represents a way to destress from the environment that we often operate in. So, that is the story behind the army men.

Do y’all carry around toys? What do you give out? Let us know. 

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