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Define Your Terms: Decoding PDU, RPP, and rPDU Acronyms

Today we are going to get into TLA’s and FLA’s. Those are three letter acronyms and four letter acronyms. So, have you heard of the PDU? That is, the power distribution unit. They are typically large floor mounted devices that contain a transformer, some output distribution, and associated monitoring. Then, there is something else called the RPP or the remote power panel. These are also floor mounted devices which typically only consist of distribution and some associated monitoring when chosen. Finally we have the rPDU, also known as the rack power distribution unit. Sometimes you may hear these called ePDU, as well. These are in-rack devices which consist of an input and multiple output outlets going directly to the server. 

If you are from the information technology world you may be thinking of rPDU when we say PDU. If you are from the critical facilities or base building world, you may have been thinking of the big power distribution unit. It is always important to define your terms up front to save you headaches later. 

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