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Define Your Terms: Understanding Busway Components and Terminology

Today we are going to be talking about Track Busway and some terms that are often interchanged depending on who is talking about it.

In most Busway scenarios there will be an input coming into some sort of large junction box. The Bus runs out from there with interchangeable drops. To begin, the terms tap box, plug in, in-feed, and cable-feed can all be different based on manufacturer. For example, at Starline, the input is referred to as “in-feeds” and the drops are referred to as “plug-ins,” but in the field, alternate words such as cable box and tap box may also be used. All of these things can mean many different things to many different people.

At Davis, we value the need to make sure we are speaking the same language with our clients. So, define your terms before you start the project and it will save you headaches later.

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