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Lessons Learned: Embracing Biblical Principles for Impact and Encouragement

At Davis Infrastructure we operate on Biblical Principles. One of the things that we find in the Bible is that Christ says “the meek will inherit the Earth” (Matthew 5:5). Terry Davis, the owner of Davis Infrastructure, had a mentor long ago that had an interesting idea about the meek inheriting the Earth. His take was that it is the people who are doing their job every day; the normal people and the people like you and those at Davis that are going to have the biggest impact in the world.

Another thing that Terry got from his mentor is the idea of encouragement. If you know anything about Davis it is that we encourage encouragement. You can have a huge impact by encouraging those around you. If all of us “little people” doing our job every day lived to encourage others, how much of an impact do you think that can have? 

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