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Powersmiths transformers are wound in-house, thus opening up tremendous possibilities for multiple-taps, custom impedance, and voltage configurations. Their energy-efficient XFMRs exceed DOE2016 efficiencies by up to 40% and can be integrated into PDU designs.

The capabilities of rotatable IR ports and Energy Station TX packaged XFMR/BKR combinations truly set Powersmiths apart from the competition.

  • LV XFMR 15kVA – 1350kVA
  • Packaged XFMR systems with integrated input/output breaker
  • Power monitoring with waveform capture
  • Right-sized XFMR loading characteristics
  • Rotatable IR scan port
  • Safe-maintainable PDU allows for adding circuits while supplying load
  • E-Saver equipment contributes to LEED and NetZero goals