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Define Your Terms – PDU, rPDU, RPP

Know and Define Your Terms – PDU, rPDU, RPP In the electrical engineering world, there are different terms that we use. We have already discussed busways and distinguishing between the different busway terms. In continuing with defining terms, we break down the difference between a PDU, an RPP, and an rPDU. Depending on the industry … Continued

Power Peak Demands And Valleys

Electricity Supply Regulation: How to Manage Power Peak Demands and Valleys As a power consumer, you have an opportunity to determine how much electricity you are charged for. This information might come as a surprise to many users who do not understand the concepts of demand peaks and valleys. When utilized properly, these two concepts … Continued

Electrical Power Transmission & Distribution

Equipment: All about the cables and wires An effective power transmission and distribution system is only as good as its’ constituent equipment. Several specialized types of equipment are used in the distribution and transmission of electrical power from the generating plant to the consumer’s home or business. This article will go over the significant electrical … Continued

The Definition and Uses of Critical Power

About Critical Power Critical power is a buzz phrase that is used frequently in the electricity distribution community. However, the term itself, as well as the factors that constitute the need for critical power, remain unclear to many users. Within itself, critical power has numerous sub-concepts that will be explored in detail within this article. … Continued