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Davis 101: The Story Behind Army Men and Stress Relief

Let’s talk about toys. You know, like little green army men or in some cases, tan ones. So, what is the story with the army men and why do we walk around with them in our pockets? Well, that goes back to Owner of Davis Infrastructure, Terry’s, Navy experience. When Terry was in the military … Continued

Define Your Terms: Understanding Busway Components and Terminology

Today we are going to be talking about Track Busway and some terms that are often interchanged depending on who is talking about it. In most Busway scenarios there will be an input coming into some sort of large junction box. The Bus runs out from there with interchangeable drops. To begin, the terms tap … Continued

Define Your Terms: A Comprehensive Guide to Busway Types

Often we get the question “Hey, can I get ahold of some bus?” Our follow-up is usually “sure, but what do you mean by bus?” When customers ask for bus they could mean many different things such as track busway, bus duct, sandwich style busway, etc. A lot of people will use terms interchangeably. Whether … Continued

Davis 101: Core Values Rooted in US Navy Experience

Derived from Experience. Small business and core values. These are two aspects that represent Davis Infrastructure. Our core values are knowledge, integrity, and excellence. Where did we get these core values from? Well, they came from the US Navy. You know the joke “how do you know someone was a Navy Nuke?” They are going … Continued

Davis 101: Our Trusted Manufacturers and Partners

How we choose our partners. How is it that we establish which manufacturers that we are going to work with in this market? To begin, we only work with manufacturers that we believe in. The integrity, reliability, and reputation of our manufacturers matter to us. With many years of industry experience, we have the knowledge … Continued

Davis 101: Your Mission-Critical Power Quality & Distribution Specialist

Subject Matter Experts. Davis Infrastructure is a mission-critical power quality and distribution specialist. We’re the “mortar” between infrastructure end users, manufacturers, contractors and engineers. We are a manufacturer’s representative serving Northern VA, Washington DC, and Maryland. You may be wondering “what is a manufacturer’s representative?” Despite the common misconception, we aren’t contractors, engineers, resellers, part … Continued

Davis 101: Biggest Frustration

We’re going to go ahead and blame COVID-19. Seriously, though, the biggest frustration has been with supply chain issues. Certainly, everyone inside and outside of our industry has heard about those. The owner of Davis Infrastructure, Terry Davis, has been telling a story that goes along with that. That is “turtles all the way down.” … Continued